Mobile Dental Hygiene Services

Mobile Dental Hygiene Services
Julie R. Duncan, RDHAP
License #HAP422

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Serving San Diego County.

Mobile Dental Hygiene Services

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Jeanne, wife of patient

Dear Julie! Truly amazing work on your part! We were ALL so surprised that G. opened his mouth for you and did what you asked of him! You are amazing! 

Barbara, daughter of patient

Thank you for making such a difference in coming to see him and providing the terrific service you do.

You're wonderful!

Amy, daughter of patient

Thank you! You provide a great service

being available to care for people in their

particular living circumstances.

Julie, daughter of patient

Thanks so much, Julie. You are an important part of keeping my mom healthy and comfortable. 

Rand, son of patient

Thank you for your persistence! And for taking such good care of my mom.  It really reassures me you are keeping a professional eye on her dental health.

Junie, daughter of patient

Thank you for your service. I'm very happy to have found you!  And I look forward to having you back to see my mom in 6 months or so. 
Thanks, again.